Policies can be used to allow or restrict users from certain features. You can create multiple policies per company and assign users to one policy.

For example, a manager may edit buttons and use DND, but a callcenter employee might not use this.

  • Call waiting
    When an user doesn’t have this option enabled, this user is only able to receive one call at a time. When a seconds incoming call is received, the call is declined with ‘busy’.
  • DND
    Do Not Disturb: when checked, the user can enable and disable do-not-disturb from the client. When the user sets DND in the client, the user can not receive any calls.
  • EDIT
    When checked, the user can edit buttons in the client.
  1. Open the customer
  2. Click on Policy
  3. Click on Add policy
  4. Enter a policy name and check the items to allow usage:
  5. Click “Submit”

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